Stetson Blake

What I'm up to Now:Updated November 24th, 2023 from Cincinnati, OhioPlaying with AI
I recently built a gaming PC, not to game with, but to learn more about AI media generation. I wrote a little about it here
Becoming Disciplined
I've been getting healthy. I've run a 4 Parkrun 5ks this year and just completed my first 10k yesterday (6.2 miles!)
I will achieve a 24 minute time by September 2024.coding
I launched an e-book in March about Linux! It's called Shell Samurai. Now I want to make a companion site that teaches people Linux in a web-based shell.
currently readingElon Musk Bio - awesome no matter your opinion on Elonsoftware engineering
I started a role at earlier this year as a Software Dev / SRE-- we launch tiny satellites and observe the earth. Coolest job I've ever had.
Stuff I made and am Making
This Is an IT Support Group - Community and Newsletter of 99k + IT professionals. I made this because I wanted a place to hang out with other nerds. - A tiny SaaS Product that alerts users of new jobs that come through UpWork. I made this because I wanted to apply for freelancing jobs quicker than the competition.My blog contains writings on anything I read and anything I find interesting. Check it out here

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